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Account Services

Your Seattle Credit Union accounts come with a number of optional services to help make your life easier. Whether you want to transfer funds, pay your bills automatically, or receive your statements electronically, we've got you covered. 

Most Seattle Credit Union accounts come with the following services:

For information on how to access your Seattle Credit Union accounts, no matter where you are, see the Access Seattle Credit Union page.

Cashier's Checks & Money Orders

Make payments to other people without having to write a check. Cashier's Check and Money Order funds are guaranteed and available at a minimal cost. Purchase cashier's checks and money orders at any Seattle Credit Union branch location.

Bill Pay

Bill Pay works through Online Banking and allows you to pay any bill without writing a check. Just a few clicks and you're done. Pay bills on a schedule or just one time. Bill Pay is free and works with any Seattle Credit Union checking account. To start paying your bills online, log into your account via Online Banking and select 'Bill Pay'.

Go Direct™

Direct deposit is safer, easier and more convenient than getting a paper check in the mail. Yet despite the advantages, many people who rely on Social Security, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and VA Compensation and Pension payments still get checks.

Go Direct™ is a campaign sponsored by the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the Federal Reserve Banks to motivate people who receive federal benefit checks to use direct deposit. Click Here to Go Direct™.


Save time and enjoy enhanced security when you view your Seattle Credit Union account statement online through Online Banking. eStatements are electronic versions of your regular statement and have all the same transaction and balance information. To sign-up for eStatements, log into your account via Online Banking and select 'eStatements'.


Save time and money by paying your regular bills electronically through Online Banking. Electronic versions of your bills show up in your Online Banking account for you to view. You can pay them through Bill Pay or by mail.

Direct Deposit

Have your paycheck, Social Security, pension or VA check electronically deposited into any of your Seattle Credit Union accounts. It's easy to set up and provides you the convenience of not having to go to a branch to deposit and the peace of mind of not having to worry about the security of your mailbox.

VISA Debit Card

Access the funds in your checking account 24 hours a day anywhere Visa is accepted. You can also use your Debit Card surcharge free at any ATM you see the CO-OP Network, Plus, Star or Interlink logo.

Overdraft Services

Get the peace of mind of knowing your check and electronic transactions are covered with Seattle Credit Union's Account Backup and Overdraft Privilege.

Account Backup can automatically transfer funds from your Seattle Credit Union savings or Money Market account into your checking account to cover a transaction saving you from the headache of a returned check or electronic transaction.

Overdraft Privilege protects you if you accidentally overdraw your checking account. When you opt in to Overdraft Privilege, instead of rejecting the transaction, Seattle Credit Union may draw your account negative to make sure your transaction isn't returned. You can also opt-in to have Overdraft Privilege cover your everyday debit card and ATM transactions.

Wire Transfers

Seattle Credit Union can help you transfer money from your account to an account at another financial institution. Wire Transfers are faster and more secure than sending checks or money orders. In many cases the funds are available the same day.


Restrictions and fees apply to some of these services. See our fee schedule and account disclosures or call our Contact Center at 206.398.5500 or 800.334.2489 for more information.



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