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Share-Secured Student VISA Credit Card

An SMCU VISA® Platinum Card

The credit card you use can say a lot about you. It can show you are a world traveler or that you support animal rights. Your card can say that you love the outdoors or that your kids are the most important thing in the entire world.

When you choose a Seattle Metropolitan VISA® credit card, you can still say all those things and a few more. Your SMCU VISA can say that you are a savvy consumer who values great rates and low fees as much as you do miles and rewards. It can tell people that you are a Seattle original who supports local companies and the important work they do for our Puget Sound community.

When you choose a Seattle Metropolitan VISA, you are saying that you’ve seen what’s out there and you want something better. You’re saying that you want:

  • Low interest rates
  • No annual fee 
  • No balance-transfers fees
  • UChoose™, one of the best credit card rewards programs in the industry
  • Verified by VISA to help protect you from credit card fraud when you shop online
  • Easy account management via SMCU's Free Online Banking
  • A 25-day grace period on purchases


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SMCU also offers Secured VISA Credit Cards and VISA Gift Cards.



How long will it take to pay off my credit cards?

An SMCU VISA® Saves You Money

Save on Purchases

If you carry a balance on your credit card, you know that monthly finance charges on purchases can get pretty expensive. You could save hundreds of dollars a year in interest by switching to an SMCU VISA credit card as your primary credit card. Whether your credit is spotless or has a few blemishes, SMCU offers rates that are lower than most other credit-card providers.

Save When You Transfer Balances

Consolidating your balances to an SMCU VISA credit card can lower your interest and allow you to manage your finances in one place. Unlike some of the national credit card companies, SMCU doesn’t charge a balance transfer fee. Drop by a branch or log into Online Banking to fill out a simple form and we'll handle all the details. You'll save with SMCU's low rate on all balance transfers, plus you'll enjoy the convenience of just one monthly payment. For more information, call our Contact Center at (206) 398-5500 or (800) 334-2489.

Pay No Annual Fee

Because SMCU is a credit union, we charge fewer and lower fees than for-profit banks do. The same is true for SMCU's VISA. At SMCU, you’ll pay no annual fee for one of the best reward credit cards you’ll find anywhere in the Puget Sound. Plus, if you accidentally miss a payment or need to make a cash advance from your card, you’ll pay less than you would with the national card issuers.


Earn Points With Every Purchase

SMCU's credit cards would still be an outstanding value without a rewards program, but to make them even more irresistible, every SMCU VISA comes with UChoose Rewards®, a great rewards program that lets you earn points for every dollar you spend.

  1. Redeem your points for travel, merchandise from top retailers, gift cards, or cash. 
  2. Every dollar charged equals one reward point1.
  3. Redeeming your points is quick and easy through the UChoose Rewards web site at UChoose Rewards®;.

VISA® Gift Cards

Give the gift of anything! VISA Gift cards offer the freedom for people to choose the exact gift that they want, because it’s accepted at over a million locations. And because Visa Gift Cards can be replaced if lost or stolen, they are much safer than giving cash. SMCU’s Visa Gift Cards work similar to debit cards, but they have a prepaid value between $20 and $500. Visa Gift Cards are perfect for any occasion and are available at every SMCU branch for just $3.95.


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Secured VISA® Credit Cards

Secured credit cards use a savings account or other deposit as collateral. Your credit limit is usually equal to the amount in your account. You use a secured credit card just like you would any other credit card to make purchases, and you are billed monthly for charges. Your good payment history is reported to the credit bureaus to help re-establish your credit. 

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Verified by VISA

Added Security and Peace of Mind

SMCU is a Verified by VISA card issuer. When you use your SMCU VISA Card or SMCU Debit Card to make online purchases, Verified by VISA will provide added safety to make your online shopping secure.


Through our secure authentication process, your identity is protected and confirmed, with your personal password, each time you purchase at a participating merchant site.


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