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Seattle Credit Union Digital Credit and Debit Card Tools

A Digital Wallet

You can now connect your Seattle Credit Union credit and debit card to Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay®, or Google Pay®. Using a digital wallet* is even easier than plastic—your information is transmitted when you hold your device in front of the retailer’s check-out device, or contactless reader, wherever the Apple Pay®, Google Pay®, and Samsung Pay® symbols are displayed.

It takes just a few easy steps. Depending on your smartphone, it’s either part of the package or you’ll have to download the app, then input the information requested and follow a few instructions.

Concerned about security? Using your cell phone in place of a card has built in security measures:

  • You don’t need to share account information when you’re shopping, which lessens the opportunity for compromised accounts.
  • The card number you enter into the app isn’t stored in the app, on the device, or on Pay servers. Your account information is replaced with a unique-to-you digital account to reduce fraud. If you lose your device, you don’t need to cancel your account; only the digital information will need updating.
  • You have an extra layer of protection if you’ve secured your device with a log in code or fingerprint recognition.

When you finish adding your debit or credit card information to the app, you may be asked to complete an authentication process. If so, call the number displayed on your device. We’re here to help get you set up between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday – Friday, and 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. on Saturdays.

Call our Contact Center at 206-398-5500 or 800-334-2489.

Pay Online with VISA Checkout®

VISA Checkout® simplifies how you pay online. Just set up an account at and register your Seattle Credit Union debit or credit card. Then when you see a VISA Checkout symbol, simply click, log in, and select your payment preference. For those who’ve used Paypal, it’s a similar experience. 

VISA Checkout

Manage Spending with CardValet®                                                                                                                                                                 

CardValet® is a mobile app to help you monitor and manage how you use your Seattle Credit Union debit and credit cards, as well as further protect you from credit and debit card fraud. Keep your cards safe by turning them on and off, set spending or location limits, or monitor where and how they’re used.             

  • Setting a budget? Set limits on how much you can spend, where you can spend it, and even when you can spend it.
  • Sleep shopping? (Yes, it’s a thing.) Turn your card off during the hours you’re typically asleep, or set it to decline purchases over a certain dollar amount.

CardValet® can sync with your smartphone’s GPS system. For parents with kids away at school, limit where and when they can use your card and set spending limits. Traveling? Set your account to only work in specified locations. Or limit the location where the card can be used.

If yours is a shared account, set up alerts to let you know when the card is used or if it exceeds the limits you’ve set. Or link other accounts for overall control on how, when, and where your resources are spent.

CardValet® is easy to use, just download the app from the Apple or Google Play stores and link your Seattle Credit Union credit or debit cards. Then set up the features that will help you better manage your spending. 

 Sync CardValet 

To download, visit Google Pay®, Apple Pay®, or Samsung Pay® by clicking the icons below:

Google pay 

*(Not available with ATM and HELOC only cards).

A Seattle Credit Union VISA Saves You Money

Save on Purchases

If you carry a balance on your credit card, you know that monthly finance charges on purchases can get pretty expensive. You could save hundreds of dollars a year in interest by switching to a Seattle Credit Union VISA credit card as your primary credit card. Whether your credit is spotless or has a few blemishes, Seattle Credit Union offers rates that are lower than most other credit-card providers.

Save When You Transfer Balances

Consolidating your balances to a Seattle Credit Union VISA credit card can lower your interest and allow you to manage your finances in one place. Unlike some of the national credit card companies, Seattle Credit Union doesn’t charge a balance transfer fee. Drop by a branch or log into Online Banking to fill out a simple form and we'll handle all the details. You'll save with Seattle Credit Union's low rate on all balance transfers, plus you'll enjoy the convenience of just one monthly payment. For more information, call our Contact Center at (206) 398-5500 or (800) 334-2489.

Pay No Annual Fee

Because Seattle Credit Union is a credit union, we charge fewer and lower fees than for-profit banks do. The same is true for Seattle Credit Union's VISA. At Seattle Credit Union, you’ll pay no annual fee for one of the best reward credit cards you’ll find anywhere in the Puget Sound. Plus, if you accidentally miss a payment or need to make a cash advance from your card, you’ll pay less than you would with the national card issuers.