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Looking to declutter for the New Year? You’re not alone. As the fresh start of 2019 begins, many of us are thinking about our to-do lists. For some, this includes organizing the closet. Below are some ways to shrink your home inventory and pad your pocketbook at the same time.


Thanks to a variety of resources, removing clutter from your home utilizing online sale or consignment is easier than ever. Here are a few (of the many!) online selling options:

  • ThredUPSellers request a “Clean Out Kit” that has a prepaid, pre-addressed shipping label. Fill the bag with items you would like to sell (women’s clothing, kids’ clothing, accessories etc.) and send the bag back. Whatever ThredUP does not buy from you, they will recycle to a third party. Or, you can pay a fee to have them ship back to you what they didn’t buy.
  • PoshmarkSimilar to Craigslist or Ebay, sellers on Poshmark can post items, images, and descriptions of what they would like to sell. Once an item sells, the company provides a prepaid, pre-addressed label for the package, and once the buyer gets the item, Poshmark sends the money from the sale to the seller’s account via direct deposit or by requesting a check.
  • TradesyTradesy caters to designer clothes and accessories. Like Poshmark, Tradesy sellers upload photos of products, create listings and receive a prepaid, pre-addressed shipping kit once items sell. Tradesy recommends a price, but sellers are able to suggest their own too. 
  • Facebook MarketplaceThis platform allows sellers to post listings for clothing, furniture, and other items and share them with their own network. Once a price is agreed upon, buyers and sellers message to decide when and where to meet up for the exchange. If you’re interested in selling in the marketplace, you can also join local buy, sell, or trade Facebook groups in your area. Safety Tip: Be sure to meet up in public places when exchanging goods.

Around Seattle

Swap the mail for an in-person exchange with the following outlets. They each provide day-of cash or store credit for sellers in the area that cater to their store’s inventory style.

  • Buffalo Exchange - Sell your new and recycled clothes for cash or store credit on the spot. They’re looking for men’s and women’s clothing and accessories in excellent condition including but not limited to Plus sizes; Menswear; Everyday staples like Jeans, T-shirts and Button-Ups; Dresses; Shoes; Sweaters and Jackets; Shorts and Skirts; Designer; Vintage; Jewelry; Costumes; and Athletic Wear.
  • Crossroads Trading Co. - Sell your clothes at in-store, or by mail. Whether you call it recycled, resale, vintage, consignment or thrift, we call it fashion. Look at their selling guide here to see what they are looking for.
  • Plato's Closet – They buy gently used teen and young adult style clothing and accessories that are name brands, cool, hip, trendy, clean and in good condition. With no appointment needed, they buy every day and will pay you on the spot. Most stores buy and sell girls sizes 0 to 30 and guys sizes 28 to 40 waist, and typically buy current styles.


Looking to donate or regift instead? Here’s a list of places you can give gently-used items a second-chance. Lastly, the Buy Nothing Project offers an online platform of community-based Facebook groups that encourages you to share items with your neighbors.

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Happy sorting and selling!