It’s easy to see, Seattle is booming! Some important shifts are taking place in our region, creating new opportunities to strengthen our position in the community. We anticipated this well-spring of activity and recently completed an 18-month planning process to help guide our vision — a collaborative effort that included members, non-members, employees, consultants, executive leadership, and our member-elected board of directors.

We’re simplifying our name to Seattle Credit Union.

By eliminating “metropolitan,” our name is shorter, easier to pronounce, and easier to remember. If you are a local or new to Seattle, we are your credit union.

From September 18 through the end of 2017 you will see a transition to the new name as we demonstrate our commitment to being “Seattle’s partner in growth and prosperity”.

Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union is simplifying to Seattle Credit Union

This commitment explains why we exist and, more importantly, what makes us special. We help individuals and families pursue their hopes and dreams. It may be a goal of buying a home or a car, consolidating debt, saving for college or retirement, or becoming a U.S. citizen.

Our branch locations will also continue to evolve. We are:

  • creating more open space for conversations
  • sharing member stories and financial tips
  • celebrating the communities we serve
  • offering current and future financial tools

Starting September 18, we’ll go by Seattle Credit Union, but we’ll continue to honor payments and agreements under both names so our members don’t have to make any changes or take any action.

We know you will have questions. The FAQ below has answers. Or, feel free to call our Contact Center at 800-334-2489. We welcome your input and thank you for your patience and support during this worthwhile transition.


With gratitude,

richard romero

Richard Romero, CEO


Seattle Credit Union - FAQ

  • Why are you making these changes?

    Seattle is growing and changing rapidly, and we need to change with it. As the city of Seattle’s original credit union, founded by city employees, we have always been Seattle’s credit union. The name change reflects our broadened approach to be more inclusive – embracing all those moving to the region while continuing to support the long-time residents and members who helped build our region into what it is today. Ultimately, we’re here to help you grow and prosper.

  • Will I get a new debit/credit card?

    Cards featuring the new name will become available in the new year. Once the new cards are ready, when your debit or credit card is close to expiring, you will receive a replacement card with our new name. Debit cards will also be available in branches. There will be no interruption in service and your current cards will continue to operate as they do now.

  • What about my checks?

    Checks featuring the name Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union will remain valid, and will have no interruption or changes. Please continue to use your supply of checks all the way through. When you place your order for new checks in the future, they will feature the name Seattle Credit Union.

  • Will the website change?

    Yes. Our website address will change to later this year. We are retaining, which will take visitors to a page that explains the name change, and redirect to our new official site, The new name and logo will appear on starting September 18, 2017.

  • Will the branch or ATM locations change?

    All branch and ATM locations will be updated to feature the new name. We will continue to listen to our members and explore new locations to open branches and ATMs. (Like the newly-opened branch in Burien!)

  • How long will this change take?

    We expect all of our communications pieces will have our new name within the next year. What that means is you may see one communication from us with the old name and another with the new. This is to be expected as we update all of our communications. If you are in doubt about the validity of any communication claiming to be from the credit union, please give us a call at 800-334-2489.